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Data center /computer room  Air Conditioning install & repair

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We install & repair libert data center    air  condition   &   Ductless  Air Conditioning   Mini Split Systems

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liebert Air Conditioning

 liebert &Emerson air conditioning


liebert Air Conditioning
 liebert Air Conditioning

 Nj liebert air conditioning 

offer a variety of precision air conditioning service solutions each designed to meet the specific support requirements of your environmental control systems. Services include complete installation, start-up, maintenance services, extended parts and labor coverage as well as a choice of optional protection programs for additional coverage that best fits your needs. cision Air Conditioning Services

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liebert air conditioning  new York

liebert air conditioning  new jersey


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We repair Liebert  air conditioning in the metro New York   area  we install and repair small & large  computer data center  air for non-raised or raised floors.
Air, water, glycol and chilled water systems available.
Adjustable airflow baffles maximize cooling to rack equipment, allowing the system to be positioned within the row or at the end of the row.
Caster mounted for easy placement.
Multiple units communicate with each other to improve system performance and reduce energy consumption.
Up to 10 racks per cooling unit may be monitored to improve system performance and report rack temperatures.
The iCOM large graphic display allows easy navigation and clear data display.
Can be used with SmartAisle

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